Debbie is a Long Islander, heart and soul.  Her three beautiful children were raised right here on the Island and, as a family, they have explored and enjoyed all the natural beauty the Island has to offer. No one is more experienced, or as well-equipped, to help you and your family find the perfect setting for your Island life.

When Debbie first joined Fortune Realty, she had already built a successful career, over 16 years, as a paralegal, specializing in real estate, and matrimonial, matters. Her career, and bringing up her three children, has given her a passion for problem solving, a keen mind for negotiation, and the ability to focus on details, and resolve every issue to make your transactions seamless, and your new life start smoothly.

A love, and flair for, real estate, prompted Debbie’s move to a career in real estate, and the values and friendliness of the professional team she found at Fortune Realty made her move easy and successful, adding her considerable experience, and unique talents, to the mix.

Debbie’s continued success with clients is built on a solid foundation of technical know-how, coupled with the empathy it takes, to really solve a client’s need for the right property, at the right price. Debbie is well aware of the emotional implications of buying or selling a home, and has the right mix of empathy and knowledge to make the transition easier and more successful for her clients.

Debbie is also very experienced in helping clients with short sales, and the particular challenges they represent.

Since joining Fortune, Debbie prides herself in achieving the best outcomes possible for her clients, and is particular about establishing, and maintaining, open and honest communication through every step of the process, to completion.

Debbie’s empathy, and passion for problem solving, will see you and your family through one of the biggest commitments of your life, with flair and ease. You can rest assured you are in good hands.