One of the most stressful parts of buying or selling a home is figuring out what to do with your pets. For sellers, you have to ensure that your four-legged friend doesn’t leave any mess that might decrease your home’s value, a topic that we have covered in the past. However, buying a home as a pet owner can be equally stressful.

If you want to reduce the pressure on both yourself and your pets during the home buying and moving process, take these 3 tips into account.

  1. Plan ahead!

The most important aspect of buying a home when you have a pet is planning out your purchase and move far in advance. It can be tempting to put off important decisions during the process, but these will just pile up and cause undue stress for you — and for your pet!

Make sure to create a plan for how you will transport your housepet to the new home, particularly if you will be moving a long distance or crossing state lines. If you’re going to be in a new state, check their laws for vaccinations and other veterinary concerns, to make sure that your pet won’t bring any surprise medical costs in your new home.

  1. Check out the neighborhood

Depending on what sort of pet you have, as well as their individual temperament, you’ll need to consider different requirements within the neighborhoods where you’re looking. Do you have an active dog who loves long walks? You might want to live somewhere with easy access to a dog park or other outdoor meeting spaces!

Is your pet prone to illness? Make sure that your new neighborhood has convenient, well-respected veterinary care.

  1. Find out local regulations

Each city and neighborhood has its own quirks that you’ll have to learn — take our region of the DC Metro area, for example!

You’ll have to discover these nuances whether or not you have a pet, but it can be especially important for pet owners to educate themselves early. For instance, Washington, D.C. has a lot of beautiful parks and outdoor spaces that are easily accessible by the Metro system — but pets are not allowed on public transit. So, if you want to bring Fido to the National Mall for a jog, you’ll need to make sure that you live close enough or drive your own car into town.

Bonus Tip! 

Let someone else help!

It can be incredibly confusing to work through the webs of local laws and regulations, as well as any pet restrictions put in place by your new condo or homeowner’s association. When you’re already trying to deal with the pressure of an upcoming move, this extra stress can be ruinous.

Luckily, there is an easy way to alleviate this pressure! If you work with a qualified agent, like the superstars on The Keri Shull Team, you can get access to their insight on the best ways to find the perfect community for you and your furball friend!

Are you interested in moving to one of the many unique neighborhoods or communities in D.C., Maryland, or Virginia? Contact The Keri Shull Team today to learn how we can help you find and win your dream home — for a price that you’ll love!